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Plymouth Magazine June/July 2023

It’s that time of year again, Plymouth! Over the course of January, you voted, and now it’s time to celebrate the local businesses, organizations and places that make Plymouth unlike anywhere else. And at
the heart of it all, whether it’s a local shop, restaurant or service, it’s the people there that make each of our winners, well, winners.

During my first Best of Plymouth issue last year, I turned to my Editorial Advisory Board members for ideas on what to write about for my Editor’s Picks. With their help, I identified a few places that mean the most to Plymouth residents and explored their history. From the original Town Hall that now houses the Plymouth Historical Society to the state-of-the-art additions to the Plymouth Community Center, my research helped me connect with Plymouth in an entirely new way.

This year, I found myself thinking back to that initial request for advice, which led me to reflect on all of the incredible people and local stories I’ve been able to engage with since this time last year.

A theme for the Best of Plymouth 2023 issue started taking shape …

My Editor’s Picks highlight the members of our Editorial Advisory Board and explores the places they are most fond of and memories in the community, but that’s by no means where the portraits end. I wanted to create a veritable gallery.

You’re going to meet a lot of people throughout these pages. From a cat fosterer finding homes for “tippy” felines to a local shutterbug, sharing his method for capturing the perfect nature shot, all of our articles feature community members pursuing their passions. Further along in the magazine, our Tastemakers section highlights how an industrial kitchen in Plymouth has become a hub of the Minnesota makers scene.

Everyone in the community has a story to share, and in this Best of Plymouth 2023 issue, we’re honored to be able to share a few more.

Until next time,

-Madeline Kopiecki



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