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by | Jun 2024

Best of Plymouth 2024 Cover

Our June/July Best of Plymouth issue always strikes a festive feeling in me. Summer is the traditional time of barbecues, block parties and concert series. When I think summer, I think of backyard bonfires, art fairs around town and a sailboat trip or two.

This summer, I suspect I’ll engage in a new hobby, as well, after discovering geocaching over the spring. It combines two hobbies I already had: exploring new places and hiking. For my full story about geocaching, you can read my Editor’s Pick, but for now, I’ll extol a little on the virtues of the hunt that I discovered through the process.

I think we rarely look at the areas surrounding us with close interest. Whether we walk the paths at French Park regularly or visit the Community Center with family, how often are you invited to pay attention to the moment? How do you see a place differently when you’re looking for something in particular?

Searching for caches of trinkets hidden in nature reminded me of playing in the woods as a kid. The natural detritus around me was interesting, discarded or lost objects were artifacts from someone before me. Every new path promised new discoveries. Geocaching rewards curiosity and patience—I was in uncharted territory during my travels around Plymouth, but there was the sweet reward of finding something, without knowing exactly what it would be.

There’s plenty to discover around Plymouth, and our Best of Plymouth issue is a great place to look. There’s the Best of 2024 list, of course, filled with new and returning favorites. There’s also our West Metro cocktail roundup, which explores some lesser-known menu contenders to acquaint yourself with. And, as always, we’re meeting new Plymouth residents, such as new Noteworthy style contributor Grant Whittaker and young actress Anja Arora.

Cheers to new discoveries, and congratulations to our Best of Plymouth 2024 winners!


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