What’s New with Plymouth’s Primavera

by | Apr 2022

Douglas Nimo: Sotto Voce, Wood Sculpture (Adult Awards of Excellence 2021)

Douglas Nimo: Sotto Voce, Wood Sculpture (Adult Awards of Excellence 2021). Photo: Plymouth Arts Council

For local artists and art-lovers alike, Plymouth’s Primavera festival has offered a chance for the community to come together and enjoy a wide variety of artistic works, from mixed-media sculptures to traditional watercolor paintings. This year, Primavera celebrates not only its 26th anniversary, but also the establishment of a brand-new community center art gallery with its first-ever month-long exhibition.

The event, hosted by the City of Plymouth in partnership with the Plymouth Arts Council, showcases the works of both professional and student artists. Visitors can enjoy live music, family-friendly activities, as well as the annual venue awards show. This year, Primavera will also offer the option for virtual gallery viewing.

Beginning on April 22, visitors are welcomed to attend this free event at the Plymouth Community Center, located at 14800 34th Ave. N., or online through the Plymouth Arts Council’s Facebook page.

Plymouth Arts Council


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