Home Organizing

by | Apr 2022

Organized closet

Pexels/Victoria Akvarel

Whether it’s pairing down the closet or tidying up the playroom, home organizing is a to-do we all have to, well, do. “I just don’t know where to start,” is a sentiment I hear frequently. In these instances, I like to offer up the straightforward HOME:

H: To begin, hone down your possessions. Did you know we typically only use 20 percent of what we own? Start reducing by pulling outdated, expired, worn, ill-fitting and damaged items. Next, move toward items you have multiples of or do not use. Finally, pull things that no longer “spark joy” as coined by home organizer Marie Kondo.

OOptimize all space when organizing. Look up to be sure you are making use of all vertical space, and don’t be shy about adding another shelf in the closet or installing ceiling racks in the garage.

M: Finding the right materials to organize your items is key. Once you’ve pared everything down, you’ll start to have an idea of the types of organizing products you’ll need. Determine if you would like clear bins to see the contents or opaque to obscure it. Next, be sure to properly label each bin so that you can easily identify what’s inside. Pro tip: Invest in quality products—you’ll likely have these items for quite a while.

E: Ask an expert! If you’re still feeling stuck, consider working with a professional home organizer. You can call them in for a couple hours of advice or to take on the entire project. I recommend working with organizers associated with the National Association of Productivity and Organizing because they go through extensive training to earn their credentials.

Kira Vanderlan operates a decluttering, organizing, staging and design company. Find out more at zestfuldesign.com.