21 Drops Aromatherapy Blends Ease Your Senses

A new aromatherapy product can cure your troubles—all 21 of them

Looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer? The answer is literally beneath your nose.

21 Drops is the latest aromatherapy product to hit the Plymouth area. Each 8 mL vial contains a carefully crafted blend of essential oils for you to inhale or apply to your pulse points for instant relief. Look to any one of their 21 distinct blends to cure what’s ailing you, be it distraction or stress to indigestion or sleeplessness. They also sell trios of some of their blends to help fight off the cold or flu or simply allow you to have a better weekend.

21 Drops blends are available locally at Simonson’s for $29 each. Simonson’s Salon & Spa, 4315 Peony Ln.; 763.550.1121