Review: The Plymouth Area’s Top Pastries

Flaky delicacies to treat yourself and those you love
Indulge in this: the lemon curd and strawberry Montrachet tarts from Truffles and Tortes.

As sultry spring weather hits, are you looking to ditch the eggs-and-bacon breakfast for something quick, light and easy to eat on the run? Pastries, from the morning muffin to a decadent cupcake at your afternoon coffee break, not only brighten the mood and pander to your sweet tooth, they make almost anyone’s day golden. Try surprising Mom with a package of sweet little somethings, like Mother’s Day fruit tarts from Truffles and Tortes, or bring a box of goodies to your next early morning meeting at the office (think doughnuts from the Old Fashioned Donut Shoppe). You’ll be the most popular kid in town.


Strawberry Montrachet Tart

Truffles and Tortes

You can’t get more seasonal than the strawberry Montrachet tart at Truffles and Tortes. A base of sweet tart dough is layered with strawberry marmalade, followed by a custard-like mixture of goat cheese, cream, mascarpone and egg, then topped with a fresh strawberry. The lemon curd is another refreshing treat, made from scratch with lemons that the team at Truffles squeezes and zests themselves. Both tarts are $4.75, or $1.25 for a two-bite mini. Other treats you might want to put in your back pocket for Mother’s Day: Cake pops, French macaroons newly launched chocolate creations  763.512.0944


Glazed Donut

Old Fashioned Donut Shoppe

Darryl Mead has been in the doughnut business so long (since 1980) he still remembers when he offered the cakey pastry and a cup of coffee for just 40 cents at his Old Fashioned Donut Shoppe. (You have to lay down $2 nowadays.) The glazed doughnut, a yeast-raised ring delicacy, is the best-seller here, but the kitchen turns out all kinds of classics like chocolate-iced, Bismarcks, long Johns and rolls (each priced at 95 cents). Pastries, including muffins and cinnamon caramel rolls, are made from scratch daily. 2720 Douglas Dr. N., Crystal; 763.544.1680


Homemade Fruit Bar

Cake Box Bakery

You’ll never go back to a store-bought, packaged fruit bar again after you try the soft, chewy squares from Cake Box Bakery, made with dried cherries, nuts and raisins ($6 per package). The list of cupcake flavors goes on and on here, but the red velvet with cream-cheese frosting is a favorite. Again, everything is made from scratch. Others include yellow, marble, chocolate, strawberry-filled, Oreo cookie, chocolate raspberry, carrot, Boston cream and a chocolate turtle that’s topped with chocolate frosting, pecans and a caramel drizzle ($2 each or $5–$8 per package). 763.537.6560


Almond Angel Puff

Wuollet Bakery

The almond angel puffs at Wuollet are just a little bit angelic, with light puff pastry dough filled with almond paste and custard, then topped with slivered almonds and sugar ($2.80). For something a bit richer, try the gooey decadence of a caramel pecan croissant ($2.80). Lemon blueberry scones ($2.80) also have a springy flair, with lemon zest and blueberries baked in. 952.473.8621



Panera Bread

The pastry stands behind the counter at Panera Bread feature the cobblestone every day, because it’s just that popular, made with chopped cinnamon raisin bread mixed with apples, then topped with streusel and white icing ($2.39). The bear claw is another local crowd-pleaser, this version made with almond filling and drizzled with icing and almond slivers ($2.39). In the spring, artisan pastries include those made with fruits like blueberry, orange, pineapple or strawberry. 763.551.0954


Lemon Meringue Pie

Peg’s Countryside Café

Baker Bonnie Schermann has been working with owner Peggy Rasmussen for 37 years, creating fresh desserts and pastries like the classic lemon meringue pie. Other winsome favorites include the banana-cream and apple pie, and rhubarb desserts during the short-lived rhubarb season. Cupcakes also have gotten popular on the weekends, in flavors like chocolate, red velvet and French vanilla; each is topped with a rich, buttery buttercream frosting. Pies are $3.25–$3.50 per slice and cupcakes are $2.25–$2.50. 763.478.6869


Cinnamon Rolls


Cinnamon rolls are baked fresh daily at Perkins and topped with cream-cheese icing, as are the sticky buns. Irresistible éclairs are filled with Bavarian cream and topped with chocolate icing. The items run from $2.39–$2.49, but if you buy three, you’ll get three free. 763.559.0270