Nine Delicious Takes on Steak in the Plymouth Area

We've got the must try beef dishes that'll make your mouth water.
The marbley delicious Kobe Tartare

The steak dinner is a hallmark of the special occasion, both an indulgence of appetite and of pocketbook. But there’s no longer any reason to justify steak consumption. Steak comes in many forms at all times of the day: with breakfast, at lunch, in a sandwich, even for happy hour. If you’re simply craving a perfectly cooked, gloriously seasoned slab of beef without the pomp of a formal steak house, you’re also in luck: Most restaurants offer at least one satisfying steak option. Need one more reason to savor some red meat? Restaurants get the good stuff—prime USDA—while we sorry supermarket shoppers are left to contend with mere choice and select grades. The difference is remarkable, and the point is: Go for it. Our local eateries will gladly gratify your hankering for heifer.


Cowboy Ribeye

Jake’s City Grille

A rib section of the steer has a distinctively brawny beef flavor that the spendier loin cuts can only dream to emulate. The 16 oz. monster at Jake’s is boneless, chargrilled, and elevated by a swabbing of the salty-sweet Jake sauce. The meat is well-marbled, making it super tender and juicy. Jake’s steak is crowned with a savory mound of crispy onion strings and rests on a small throne of rich garlic mashed potatoes. $25.95. 763.559.1595

Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

Uncle Franky’s

“Best Philly in Minnesota,” declared the counter guy as he delivered our Philly steak sandwich with a flourish. It is certainly a sight to behold: 6 oz. of shaved, quick-grilled steak stuffed into an oblong “Schuylkill” roll bursting with sautéed onions and hot giardinara (pickled vegetables), and finished with a liberal dousing highlighter-yellow Cheez Whiz. This baby is cooked to order, the hot crusty bread an ideal sponge for all that savory juice. $6. 763.746.3643


Kobe Tartare


Kobe, a special breed of cattle, is raised on a diet of beer and a program of regular massage that produces an exceptionally well-marbled and impossibly tender cut of beef. You can sample it in numerous preparations at Kobe: Theatrically flipped on a hibachi, cooked yourself on a personal hot stone, sauced with a classic teriyaki, chopped into burger form or raw in a tataki or tartare. We wanted to experience the legend full-bore, so we chose the tartare. We were rewarded with six thin slices of dark-red and pepper-edged beef artfully fanned next to a bowl of citrusy soy ponzu. One bite, and we understood the mystique: The buttery flavor, velvety texture and pure beef flavor have all the earmarks of a gustatory delicacy.  $9. 763.559.9999


New York Strip Steak

Axel’s Bonfire
Dubbed “14 oz. of heaven,” Axel’s New York strip steak is inarguably paradisiacal. The strip loin—a rectangular strip of steak separated from one side of a T-bone—is our hands-down favorite cut. It has a bold beefy affront, substantial crispy fat edges and a dense, satisfying chew. Axel’s statuesque strip is simply cooked on the grill and adorned with nothing more than the admirably subtle house-made steak butter. This is a wise move: Meat of such high caliber should be allowed to hog the spotlight. $32.95. 763.398.7408


Steak a la Tampiquena

El Azteca

Certain flavors were made to go with beef; onion is indubitably one of them. The steak a la tampiquena at El Azteca celebrates this winning combination by burying a generously portioned, quick-seared ribeye in an avalanche of spiced and sautéed onion. The bold flavors of onion and beef meld seamlessly while yellow rice and refried beans share the plate, but the best way to eat this steak is with the warm flour tortillas and the sides of salsa, guacamole, sour cream and shredded lettuce. !Muy sabrosa! $11.20. 763.550.1570;


Woody’s Grille

Mushrooms are an ideal companion for a nice steak, and Woody’s sirloin is smothered in them. A lemon and white wine sauce binds the two together with a smattering of fresh basil for a welcome herbal element. This saucy steak does well with a scoop of garlic mashed potatoes, but the best part of this dish is a glorious array of colorful vegetables slick with butter and speckled with slivers of garlic. Carrots, green beans, zucchini, broccoli, summer squash and zucchini never tasted so decadent. $21.95. 763.476.1011


Steak Salad

Cowboy Jack’s

This bountiful fresh salad overflows with lively torn romaine leaves, crunchy discs of cucumber, ripe red tomato slices and a liberal sprinkling of diced red onion. But the topping is why we placed our order—grilled, seasoned steak cooked to order and chopped into manageable bite-size pieces. A tangle of addictive fried onions adds an over-the-top flavor bonanza, and tangy blue cheese dressing performs the admirable task of uniting the cool snap of the greens with the rich depth of beef and onions. $10. 763.559.0257

Tenderloin Skewers

Doolittle’s Woodfire Grill

Don’t want to commit to a huge (and costly) slab of meat? Come to Doolittle’s for happy hour and enjoy a pair of grilled tenderloin skewers served with two dipping sauces and a nest of frizzled onions. We especially love the sharp horseradish sauce in contrast with the mellow char and chew of the beef. You can get any number of wine flights to try alongside your beef, such as the “interesting reds” selection, consisting of an earthy pinotage from South Africa, a plummy malbec from Argentina and a hearty zinfandel from California. $10.95. 763.542.1931


Steak and Eggs

Good Day Café

Start the day with a double wallop of protein—steak and eggs. You can find a shining example of this classic breakfast combo at the wildly popular Good Day Café, where the dish comes cooked according to your instructions (we like our eggs poached and our steak rare). The 6 oz. pan-roasted flatiron steak is simply seasoned and expertly seared, perfect for dunking in egg yolk or a ramekin of velvety, tarragon-rich Béarnaise sauce. A rack of buttered toast helps with the mop-up, as do a serving of Signature Good Day Café potatoes, and strong coffee adds the necessary exclamation point. $14.50. 763.544.0205