Plymouth Wood Carver Creates Garden Gnomes

The perfect way to spice up your garden stands two feet tall and wears a pointy hat

It’s told that a garden gnome hides in plain sight, disguised as ordinary statuary. Some would say they avoid combat, gravitating toward a prankster demeanor while others would argue that gnomes will defend their gardener with unseen ferocity. Whatever the case, Craig Radel’s beautifully chainsaw-carved gnomes make an excellent addition to just about any garden.

Radel has been in the gnome-carving business for more than 10 years and carves birds, eagles, bears, totems and even flowers. His best-selling gnome is a male with his hands behind his back in the “traditional” garden gnome stance. Radel can transform an average log into a mischievous gnome within the day, but the finishing and drying process can last up to a few months. Each one of Radel’s carvings is unique, but a standard-sized gnome sells for around $300 and can be seen guarding gardens in Plymouth.