From Zoo to You

The Minnesota Zoomobile rolls into town this summer.
Thanks to a partnership with the Minnesota Zoo, a Three Rivers naturalist will be hosting an Owl Prowl on August 6 at the Hilde.

We’re seeing red—and yellow, orange, blue and green in a variety of vibrant shades. That’s because through an outreach program from the Minnesota Zoo, Plymouth parks and recreation will host the Zoomobile on June 11 with a colorful tropical rainforest-themed presentation at the Hilde small stage.

Plymouth has collaborated before with the Minnesota Zoo to bring some of its great exhibits to town; last year, zoo members even visited a preschool program. Guests to this year’s event will get to see four to five native animals (depending on the weather and how the animals are feeling that day; often these include a bird, a mammal, an invertebrate and a reptile) and learn about the challenges facing the world’s rainforests.

The event is free, but as many as 125 may attend, so recreation supervisor Cindy Anderson recommends getting your seats early for this visually stunning animal extravaganza.




June 11

Hilde small stage, Plymouth Boulevard

763.509.5205 (weather cancellations and other info)