Plymouth’s Do-gooder Andy Anderson

Plymouth Resident Organizes Teacher Appreciation Event

For the past six years, 87-year-old Plymouth resident Andy Anderson says he has witnessed firsthand all that teachers do for children as a volunteer at Sunset Hill Elementary. Unfortunately “positive stories don’t get out like the bad ones,” says the retired salesman, adding “[teaching] is the most important profession there is.”

Together with Jane Bjork, Anderson organized a teacher appreciation event April 11 at Woody’s Grille for all 48 Sunset Hill Elementary teachers. Thanks to donations from multiple people and organizations, every teacher was given a gift bag. “It was our way of saying, ‘Thank you for being a teacher,’” Anderson says.

Entertainment was provided by Bill Arnold, magician, comedian and co-author of “Triple Espresso,” pro bono and was a highlight of the event. Even the students got in on the action by recording songs and messages dedicated to their teachers. Anderson says he hopes the event becomes an annual occurrence honoring teachers at a different school each year.