Adopt a Pet through the Animal Humane Society

Adopt a furry friend and save a life.

“Adorable” and “adoptable” are practically interchangeable at the Animal Humane Society of Golden Valley, where everyone is on a mission to find good homes and full bowls of chow for lovable furballs in need. Nationwide there are millions of animals with nowhere to go, and the Humane Society’s five metro-area locations collectively take in more than 24,000 animals per year, with an impressive 80 percent placement rate. Adopting rather than buying from a pet store is “really a matter of saving a life,” says Carrie Libera, public relations associate for the Humane Society. “You’re bringing an animal into your home that would otherwise be in the shelter system and may not make it.” If you are looking for a particular breed of companion, have no fear. The website is updated in real time, so you know exactly who currently needs the comfort and safety of your home. Visiting is by no means a commitment to adopt, but should you choose to, prepare for the avalanche of cuteness, with rooms full of  wagging tails and rumbling purrs. & Visit for more information.