Inspired by Nature

Grace Eicher's 'Tree at Medicine Lake'
Grace Eicher's photo is inspired by nature.

Grace Eicher started taking photos just last July; this beauty, which caught the eye of our art team, was one of her first.

She was inspired to shoot Tree at Medicine Lake because of “the unique quality of the tree and the scenery, which were beautiful,” Eicher says. “I am inspired by everything surrounding me, and I like to capture the world the way I see it from my perspective.”

A full-time student at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities, Eicher has called Plymouth home for all of her 18 years, sharing a house with dad Mike, mom Kitty and brother Chris. Her favorite aspect of life in Plymouth? The variety of outdoor scenery, of course. “I enjoy driving to random places or wandering around to find new and interesting places to take pictures,” she says.



While Grace Eicher’s image didn’t place in last year’s Picture Plymouth contest, we’re thrilled to be able to share it on the pages of this magazine, and we look forward to more of her—and your—entries in this year’s contest, which begins again August 1. Watch Plymouth Magazine and the website for details.