Plymouth's Got Talent

The City of Plymouth is searching for participants to take center stage in its second annual talent show.

Plymouth’s cream is about to rise to the top at The Plymouth Creek Center, begging one question: Do you got talent?

Plymouth’s Got Talent, an event in March organized by the city, is in its second year and registration is open.

The event is the brainchild of Travis Karlen, who works in the city’s parks and recreation department.

“I had worked for another city that had done a talent contest and thought it would be a good event to bring here,” Karlen says. “It’s kind of a spin-off of America’s Got Talent, but on the local level.”

Last year the winner of the senior division was a singer, and the junior division champion was a piano player. Other memorable acts that graced the stage last year included a magic act, Bollywood dancing, and Irish dancing.

The competition is open to everyone ages 5 and up. So far about 15 people have signed up, which is a larger number than last year, according to Karlen. Those who have signed up for the competition already span all age groups from kids to teens and, for the first time this year, adults. The only stipulation of the competition is that you must be an amateur.

“For the most part entertainment that is booked through the city is set, and the performers are screened,” Karlen says. “[In this competition] it’s more of a casting call. You don’t know what you’ll get until that night.”

The competition will take place over two days in March. An open audition will be held at the Plymouth Creek Center on March 9. From that portion of the competition, the top five in the three different divisions will be chosen to perform for the community at large on March 16.

The divisions in the competition are organized by age:

  • Division 1 is for those ages 15 and up
  • Division 2 is for ages 10-14
  • Division 3 is for ages 5-9

Competitors and the ultimate champion will be chosen by a point system. Points are awarded in different categories including:

  • Stage presence and professionalism
  • Technical ability
  • Execution of the act
  • Difficulty of the selection
  • Creativity and costume/appearance

The person who receives the highest combined point total from the judges will win the grand prize: a $25 gift certificate, a trophy, and an opening-act performance during this summer’s Entertainment in the Parks program.

The final registration date, according to the sign-up sheet posted online is March 2. Cost to participate is $20 for a resident and $25 for a non-resident.  

Karlen says community members who show up to watch the final competition (free and open to the public) on March 16 from 6-8 p.m., won’t be disappointed.

“Last year a lot of people were impressed by the wide variety of talent that showed up,” he says. “A lot of the competitors were under the age of 12, so it was really impressive to those who stopped by.”