Eruption Energy Drink Explodes out of Plymouth

A new drink supplement from a Plymouth resident.

Adding a little kick to your step through a snappy energy drink seems all these days; walk into any gas station and you’re met with a shot of this or a can of that. But what, really, are you consuming? This was the primary question motivating a couple of local entrepreneurs when they sat down at a Plymouth kitchen table back in 2008.

Eruption was made, packaged and developed in co-creator Brian Christensen’s dining room. (Deep in the recession, he and friend Joshua Shirk were disgusted with the syrupy taste, expensive cost and synthetic ingredients of other market energy products available at the time.)

And energy was what they needed to slog through the murky economic waters, pitching business plans and seeking financial backers. Finally in July 2011 the first flavor (lava lime) launched at Bootleggers in downtown Minneapolis to a packed house and resounding success. MagmaBerry—also tested in more than 50 variations from the Plymouth lab—launched this February, and both are available in gas service stations and select restaurants and bars nationwide. The powdered product, packaged for use one drink at a time, is sweetened with Stevia, making it a smooth 10 calories that packs a punch with its CoQ10, B, C and D vitamins, amino acids and just 45 mg of caffeine—half those found in a typical cup of coffee.

What’s next, you might ask (lemon-lime and berry are the most-common drink flavors out there, after all)? Get ready to have your mind blown: Flavorless all-natural energy, the perfect additive for any drink or occasion. $1.29 —Scott Haraldson


Drink tip: Consider a virgin or skinny margarita made with the original lava lime flavor.