Tiger Athletics Pumps Energy and Fun into Plymouth

Tiger Fit Studio creates a local training home for athletes of all types.
Stacie and Chris Clark

Tiger Athletics has brought the fundamentals of fitness to Plymouth, emphasis on the fun. After six years of outdoor camps and renting space for group classes, the high-energy fitness company opened its first Tiger Fit Studio on June 8. It’s already bustling with competitive spirit.

Stacie Clark co-owns the athletic training company with her husband Chris, and together they’ve acquired clientele ranging from the tiniest of tykes to high school students and NBA players. Eventually their dream for Tiger Athletics grew to include Tiger Fit, a permanent home base where athletes of all shapes and sizes could train consistently, sensibly and systematically.

“It just completes who we are,” Clark says. “A destination that staffs the best trainers and coaches, known for its premiere and quality athletic cross-training menu.”

That menu boasts a wide variety of small-group classes, each with its own unique flavor.

“TIGERbarre, TIGERlean, TIGERstrong and TIGERcore360 have all been huge hits,” Clark says.

Former college and professional skier Jay Turkbas has been a devoted Tiger Athletics member for nearly three years.

“My wife, Patti, told me about how dynamic and varied the workout was,” Turkbas says. “As well as the intelligence around the method of achieving meaningful results.”

For the former athlete, Tiger Athletic’s combination of intensity and cross training proved to be a recipe for success.

“It’s always new in that each training session is never exactly the same,” he says. “It’s tough and they don't let you make excuses while you train.”

Other studio classes include: TIGERtotalbody, TIGERfit, TIGERh2o, TIGERtrainingclub and TIGERyogaflex.  Along with private training, there’s team training and SAQ (Speed-Agility-Quickness) training and testing for youth athletes targeting all sports.

Tiger Fit class

For those who enjoy a bit more adventure, the Clarks will continue outdoor classes and camps as well.

Still need convincing? Don’t underestimate Tiger’s emphasis on fun.

“We even offer destination trips,” Clark says. “The next one is in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, November 16-21, 2012.”

*The drop-in rate is $20 per class, packages start at $95 and year-long memberships start at $108 per month. Tiger Fit’s schedule is posted on their website and frequent updates are posted their facebook page.  For more information, call 612-695-8770.