Boger Dental Gives Back

Boger Dental educates kids with help from a familiar cast of characters.

Every dentist’s office in town is celebrating and giving back to local schools and organizations in February, Children’s Dental Health Month. But one family practice is getting some help from the tooth fairy herself.

“We’ve been in 20 classrooms in the past year,” says Kelly Larson, marketing manager for Boger Dental. Dressed in the gilded pixie’s garb with wand in hand, Boger hygienists give PowerPoint presentations, conduct experiments that measure the amount of sugar in a can of pop, various candies and other sweet treats, and pass out toothbrushes and toothpaste, along with other oral healthcare materials. 

But this creative twist on oral hygiene isn’t the only character helping keep those pearly whites shining in and around Plymouth: Ronald MacDonald is making appearances along with the Boger-supported Ronald MacDonald House Mobile Dental Health Unit—literally, a big Winnebago staffed by hygienists and serving Plymouth specifically, often attending community events and providing cleaning and tips to those who wouldn’t otherwise know how to receive mouth care.

  “Our passion is oral healthcare and helping kids,” Larson says. “A lot of kids just need the education.”