Robbinsdale Armstrong High School Prep Elite Heather Kaluzniak

This all-around athlete rounds out her résumé with piano, foreign language and more.
Heather Kaluzniak balances many activities, but soccer is one of her primary passions.

Balancing soccer, National Honor Society, hockey, lacrosse and a 3.99 GPA may seem near impossible, but for Plymouth resident Heather Kaluzniak, it’s a breeze. “I don’t see [my activities] as something I have to organize,” Kaluzniak says. “I see them as a stress relief.” The senior at Robbinsdale Armstrong High School is not only a mega-athlete, but she’s involved in such extracurriculars as the foreign language honor society, choir, the environmental society and she plays the piano—a talent she’s very proud of. “Most people see me as ‘oh, she plays sports, so that must be all she’s good at,’” Kaluzniak says, “but I’ve played the piano for a long time and it’s something I don’t want to stop doing.” The 17-year-old says her biggest accomplishment in high school is the way in which she’s been able to find time for everything she’s involved and still managed a social life. “I thought doing all those activities would take away from a social life, where I wouldn’t be able to do each individual one the way I would if I had just focused on one,” she says, “but I feel like I did a pretty good job of balancing everything.”