Ming’s Garden

A couple of suggestions for popular dishes at the award-winning Chinese restaurant Ming’s Garden.
Served with a side of savory sauce, these tangy-sweet pieces of teriyaki chicken on a stick are a favorite appetizer at Ming's.

Ming’s Garden was named one of the top 100 Chinese Restaurants in overall excellence last year; there’s a large gold medallion hanging on its wall as proof.

With this in mind, we were inspired to seek a tasty diversion from your everyday fare, but with more than 100 tasty dishes to offer the hungry customer, one question remains: Where to start? Jet Peng, manager of the restaurant for more than 10 years, suggests a few dishes for newcomers and regulars alike.

Try the classic (and one of the most popular) dishes, sesame chicken, to get a taste of authentic Chinese cuisine at Ming’s Garden. This spicy dish is sure to set your taste buds sizzling. $10.

Or start out with Peng’s favorite appetizer: teriyaki chicken on a stick. This delicious blend of sweet and savory sauces and fresh pieces of chicken is sure to cure your State Fair craving. $4.95 for five.

Looking for a meatless option? Ming’s Garden offers several vegetarian options for the hungry herbivore. Peng recommends the ma po tofu as a fiery alternative to the meat entrées on the menu. Or if you’re not a fan of spicy, try the oriental tofu as a tasty substitute. $9. —Brenna Oelfke


Ming’s Garden

4190 Vinewood Ln.