Healthy Tips for Kids During Winter

The Goddard School shares how to keep kids active and healthy during winter.

Now that the forecast is filled with single-digit temperatures and brutal arctic winter winds, it might be best not to send kids outside to burn off some energy. To keep kids active and healthy yet still safely confined indoors, we worked with Lisa Amic, co-owner of the Goddard School in Plymouth, to come up with five fun winter activities parents can do with their children.

1. Yoga. Practice balance, flexibility coordination, patience and basic relaxation skills with some simple yoga poses. Kid-friendly poses include downward dog, big gorilla, snake and happy cat.

2. Scavenger Hunts. Tape shapes or letters around the house, and have your child find them—or more specifically find the letters in their name. Have older kids search for items that start with a specific letter and have them place them in a “shopping bag.”

3. Dance. Play music that instructs you how to move. Jumping up and down three times, or galloping until the song says “freeze” will be sure to keep your hearts pumping. The Goddard School listens to Dr. Jean, Kids in Motion “The Freeze,” Listen and Move, and Kids Bop.

4. Exer-dice. Teach your child addition and keep them moving with this dice game. To play have your child pick an exercise such as jumping jacks, push-ups or crunches, and have them roll two dice. Whatever total number they roll is how many of that exercise everyone does.

5. Obstacle Courses. Tape yarn across the hallway so your child has to crawl under, create a line on the floor for a balance beam, and mark a spot where your child has to jump up and down.


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