Three Rivers Park District Offers Cross-country Ski Classes

Strap on your skis for a cross-country lesson at French Regional Park.
Try your hand at classic- or skate-style cross-country skiing at French Regional Park.

In the dead of winter, nothing seems worse than heading outside into the sub-zero temperatures. But for cross-country skiers, the wintry weather is a haven. Ann Schinas, recreation specialist with the outdoor recreation school, says, “My favorite part of cross-country skiing is to ski alone and in the quiet of a forest, either really early in the morning or at night. There is just a solitude it affords you to go out into the woods.”

If solitude is something you crave or you just want to learn something new, French Regional Park offers classes for both classic and skate styles at the beginner I and II levels. Private lessons are also available.

“You absolutely have to just come out and give it a try,” Schinas says. “Take a lesson first so you get the proper technique—and the confidence—to really enjoy it fully.”


French Regional Park, 12605 Rockford Rd.; 763.694.7750

Classic prices: $18 for the class, $10 for adult rental and $6 for kid rental

Skate prices: $22 for the class, $15 for ski rental