Wayzata High School Graduate Duligur Ibeling Wins $25,000 Scholarship

Recent WHS grade Duligur Ibeling named a 2012 Davidson Fellow.
Duligur Ibeling

Nationwide recognition for scholastic accomplishments just keep coming in for local Duligur Ibeling. The 2012 graduate of Wayzata High School has been named a 2012 Davidson Fellow, winning him a $25,000 college scholarship.

Across the nation, only students ages 18 or younger are eligible for this honor from the Davidson Institute for Talent Development. Ibeling is the only Minnesotan of the 22 total recipients.

Currently studying at Harvard University, Ibeling's project produced results that detailed a way to more accurately determine when certain stars will detonate. You can read more about his work, titled "The Metallicity-Dependent Transition between White Dwarfs and Type II Supernovae," at davidsongifted.org.