Picture Plymouth 2012 Results

We reveal who took home top honors in our annual photo contest.

Best Overall

Plymouth Wetlands in Winter by Elisabeth Ansley 


Readers’ Choice

Puff of Beauty by Anjelica Martino



First place: Off the Beaten Path by Corey VanScoyk

Second place: Mr. Mom by Gloria Rice 

Third place: Hopper, Forest and Sunny by LuAnn Weiss

Honorable mention: Sunset Romance by Lisa Jabar



First place: Victory Tunnel by Peg Brantman 

Second place: Fully Charged by Jim Eason 

Third place: Rain or Shine by LuAnn Weiss

Honorable mention: Fishing on Medicine Lake by Laura Bergstrom


City Landmarks

First place: Bridge Over Placid Water by Kevin Hawkins

Second place: Historical St. Joseph’s Church by Peg Brantman

Third place: Reflection at Waterford Plaza by Ron Thomas

Honorable mention: Fountain Waters by Janet Brown



First place: January Walk on West Medicine Lake by Elisabeth Ansley 

Second place: Bozo Gives Margo a Cat-bearhug by Gloria Rice

Third place: World’s Best Dog by Elizabeth Senne

Honorable mention: Arlo! by Corey VanScoyk



First place: Winter Walk in West Medicine Lake Park by Elisabeth Ansley 

Second place: Thinking in Circles by Danny Dorbin

Third place: Sisters by Elizabeth Senne