From Buildings to Books

Inspired by a career in contracting, this Plymouth resident is writing life-advice books in retirement.

After a career of handling multi-million dollar construction contracts and advancing to the position of officer and trustee at Egan Co., Plymouth resident Joe Egan decided to take his life in a different direction. At 55, he wrote his first book—The General Contractor: How to be a Great Success or Failure—inspired by his experience in construction. “When people read it, they say it’s not necessarily about construction,” Egan says. “It’s about life.” The General Contractor was published in 2008.

His second book was published in 2014. Building Positive Character: 42 Tips on Empowerment, Overcoming and Success focuses on how to “maximize the good” in life, he says, and how to minimize the bad.

Egan uses both of his books as the basis for his seminars and uses The General Contractor in his syllabus as an adjunct professor at Minnesota State University Moorhead. “I’m having a lot of fun with it,” Egan says.

Both books are available at Barnes & Noble, on and through Egan’s website here. Prices vary.