Complete Eye of Medina

Dr. Gina Wesley focuses on education and prevention at Complete Eye Care.
Quinn Wesley gets a child's eye exam from his mom, Dr. Gina Wesley, at the new Complete Eye Care clinic.

Doctor of obstetrics Gina Wesley never stops adding the newest technology to her practice. “My patients always say that whenever they get their eyes checked, I have something new to try on them,” she says with a laugh. In 2013, these updates extended to real estate when Complete Eye Care of Medina moved to a location just a few blocks west of Plymouth. “We outgrew the old building,” Wesley explains.

So why emphasize new technology and methods? “We want to make our eye exams as efficient as possible,” she says, and Complete Eye Care, specializing in both children and adults, does this by taking a preventative, educational approach to service. “We want to help you optimize your vision. We’d rather prevent problems than deal with them after they happen.”

Wesley is particularly concerned with children’s eye exams: “80 percent of kids who need corrective assistance aren’t getting it,” she says. “This interferes with learning, and it’s so easily prevented.”

Complete Eye Care has implemented several programs in an effort to improve public eye health awareness in the area. These programs include a regular presentation to Wayzata school nurses at elementary and middle schools to better identify students in need of eye exams, and the InfantSEE program, which offers a free comprehensive eye exam to babies ages 6 months to 12 months. They also offer regular eye exams for children ages 1–4. “We are very focused on education and prevention,” Wesley says. 170 Westfalen Trail, Medina; 763.478.3505.