Instead of playing with videogames and toy airplanes, kids are learning how to design them first, thanks to programs offered by an education-based company, Engineering for Kids.

Nearly 400 community members, parents, teachers and staff gathered for the Seven Dreams Education Foundation’s second-ever Bird Bash.

When Angela Jaskowiak got in a car accident in high school, she thought her music career was over. Nerve damage in her hands left her unable to keep up with the rigor of playing an instrument.

Andrew Tang started playing chess when he was 4 years old. While other kids were building castles out of blocks, he was learning the strategy of knights, bishops and kings.

May is advanced placement test time for high school juniors and seniors, and the pressure is on. A culmination of difficult classes taken throughout the year, the exams offer college-bound students the opportunity to earn college credit for good scores.

Looking for a fun way to stay active with the entire family this winter? Check out the martial arts studios in and around Plymouth.

Nearly 15 years ago, Kids Care Connection (KCC) grew out of Pastor Rollie Robinson’s challenge to his Messiah United Methodist congregation to “serve the needs of single mothers and low-income families.” KCC achieved this by providing a childcare center that included students from both affluent a

Hailey Vollbrecht’s go-to response to most questions is, “Why not?!” This was her first response when she was asked to join a sport in third grade.

Research shows that when students don’t set goals, they risk underachievement. But many children still don’t know how to set appropriate goals and track their progress.

No one becomes great on their own. Each year, we highlight just a handful of the youth we deem “elite” in some way, shape or form—often in more ways than one—whether it be sports prowess, academic acumen or artistic fervor.