Find the Right Preschool

There’s still time to ready your child for fall.

Mike Minor at Step by Step Montessori says summer is the perfect time to
transition into a school environment. Most programs offer special summer
calendars, and the earlier the start, the more comfortable your child will be,
he says. Minor shares a few tips:

  • Make sure to tour the centers and ask a lot of questions. “If you have any
    doubts, those doubts usually don’t go away,” Minor says.
  • Look for a well-rounded program that’s all-inclusive with your tuition—you
    shouldn’t have to pay extra for your child to learn phonics, math and
  • Aim to find a program that focuses on the individual needs of your child.
    How will they challenge your child every day?
  • Check into the qualifications of the teachers and make sure you are
    comfortable with them. Do they have four-year degrees? If considering a
    Montessori, are they Montessori-certified?

There’s no need to feel behind, though—most centers take enrollment year


Mike Minor is the director of development at Step By Step
in Plymouth:
4355 Hwy. 169, 763.557.6777