Fourth Baptist Christian School in Plymouth Renews Accreditation

Fourth Baptist gains AACS accreditation for the next five years.

The two to three-year process of accreditation by the American Association of Christian Schools (AACS) is no trivial decision, but it’s a challenge that Plymouth’s own Fourth Baptist Christian School undertook last year. The process has the school reviewing every nook and cranny of student life, from testing policies and curriculum objectives to teacher certification and training.What’s compelling the school to complete the arduous accreditation process? “[It] is not a requirement, but necessary as we look to grow our school and improve our programs,” executive director and school administrator Alan J. Hodak says. “We want to show our constituency that we are serious about becoming the very best school we can be."The school hosted an AACS observation and evaluation team in May, who unanimously recommended a full five-year term of accreditation. It became official when Hodak attended the commission’s meeting June 26. &Fourth Baptist Christian School, 900 Forestview Ln. N. 763.417.8240.