Gardening Supplies

Start your home garden with proper supplies and tools.

As you begin your garden, the right tools can help you get off to a good start. John Henning at Dundee Nursey in Plymouth shares advice on what you need to start a strong garden.

Peat moss: The purpose of peat moss is to maintain moisture in the soil. Consider manure and fertilizer as additional soil aids. $6

Garden stakes: Steel or wooden garden stakes are great for supporting your plants. $5-$10

String line: Use string line (twine or nylon) to keep your rows and stakes straight. $5-$10

Hoses and sprinklers: Your plants need hydration, so don’t neglect a good hose and sprinkler head. $20-$40 for hose, $5 for sprinkler head

Landscaping fabric: Landscaping fabric is primarily used for preventing and controlling weed growth. Pick between burlap, polyethylene and polypropylene fabrics. $10-$20