Health & Wellness

Pamela Hasselbring, co-owner of Pilates MN—which moved to Plymouth from Wayzata—stresses the importance of staying healthy all year. “It’s very important to stay healthy with your mind, body and spirit every day,” she says.

Each fall, Plymouth Arts Council jazz chairwoman Wilma Pryor coordinates the Jazz Impressions concert. Attendance has increased every year, but the arts council wants more: “We want to break out,” volunteer Theresa Ziegler says.

Plymouth was honored at a Key Community Partners award luncheon, hosted by Senior Community Services of Minnetonka.

The city of Plymouth opened its fire stations October 12 as part of fire prevention and awareness month. All photos by Henry Hendricks.

At first glance, fire and ice appear to be strongly opposing forces. Plymouth combines these elements each year to create the quintessential warmth that only a wintry Minnesota festival can provide.

When it comes to piles of snow and subzero temps mid-winter in Plymouth brings, most of us tend to be wimps. But maybe we just need a bit of inspiration, a little nudge to get us off that couch and into the city we love. The winter might be cold, but it’s also a great time to explore.

Thirty-one million Americans suffer from sinusitis, or the inflammation of tissues lining the sinuses, causing congestion, headaches and fatigue. When drug treatment isn’t enough, as many as 525,000 of these patients undergo surgery, where doctors cut away inflamed nasal structure.  

Doctor of obstetrics Gina Wesley never stops adding the newest technology to her practice. “My patients always say that whenever they get their eyes checked, I have something new to try on them,” she says with a laugh.

1. The Exercise Pyramid
Orangetheory’s Kristi Gess calls this routine “the Exercise Pyramid” because “you build to the peak of 60 seconds, then come back to the starting point.” All you need is a stopwatch; perform these exercises for the amount of time specified:

To say Stacie Clark’s had a whirlwind year might be an understatement.

When you’ve only been taking photos for about five years, you should feel a slight sense of accomplishment after being named a frequent award-winner in the Picture Plymouth photo contest.