I Am Plymouth: Terry Sandvold

Financial planner Terry Sandvold shares why he doesn’t plan on ever leaving Plymouth, and why our town is one of the best places to call home.
Terry Sandvold at home in Plymouth.

You might recognize financial planner Terry Sandvold from his billboards on I-94 and other places. His radio program, “Money Talks” is now broadcast on News Talk (AM 1130), Wall Street Business Network (AM 1570) and The Patriot (AM 1280).  The CEO of Sandvold and Associates tells us why he’s proud to call Plymouth home for more than 20 years.Plymouth Magazine (PM): Why did you move from Brooklyn Park to Plymouth? Terry Sandvold (TS): From a living standpoint, I wanted an upscale atmosphere, and from a community standpoint we felt confident about the neighborhood environment. PM: Favorite Plymouth hangout? TS: I like that every type of restaurant has a unique atmosphere. Whether it’s a group of us who go grab a hamburger, beer or a great steak, or going out as a family, and places like Latuff’s or Jake’s, there’s plenty to enjoy. PM: What makes Plymouth unique? TS: It’s close to a lot of activities, but it also gives you your personal space, so to speak. When you are at home, you feel like you are at home. PM: Where is the best place to unwind in Plymouth? TS: My kids go there more than I do—Life Time Fitness. I always talk about why the importance of being financially fit, but we need to be physically fit so we can be here for as long as possible, too. PM: Most rewarding part of being involved at your kids’ high school, Providence Academy? TS: I helped my son, Blake, start the Investment Club and served as the first guest speaker, talking about how students need to plan for the future, even at an early age. PM: Retirement plans? TS: Not at least for another 15 years, and we plan to stay in Plymouth. The city takes pride in itself, and we’re comfortable here. & I Am Plymouth is a regular column in our Around Town section, featuring residents who epitomize or can otherwise articulate what makes Plymouth the No. 1 place to live. Send nominations to plymouthmag@tigeroak.com, and read the extended story at plymouthmag.com.