Improve Speed, Agility, Fitness at Tiger Athletics

Tiger Athletics offers a summer camp to improve athleticism in youth.

One of the most important things for young athletes to do this summer is stay
active, and Tiger Athletics provides youth the opportunity to do so with a
Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) summer camp.

The goal of the camp is to aid participants in increasing their athletic
ability. “There’s a need for youth to have an opportunity to be really good
athletes and to be able to perform at an efficient level,” says Chris Clark,
co-owner of Tiger Fit Studio. Clark is an athletic trainer, was an athlete
himself and says that he has been working with athletes for most of his life.

He explains that camp participants will be split up into groups based on age
and skill, and all will be working on similar principles. Trainers will focus on
improving the athlete’s lateral and speed agility, as well as his or her ability
to accelerate, decelerate and change directions.

Clark also emphasizes that youth learn how to plan for the pressure they
might encounter in a competitive setting by taking what they learn in drills and
applying it. “The sooner you learn how to play under pressure, the better you
perform on the field,” he says.

While the camp is open to all youth ages 8–18, Clark cautions that it is for
“more of a serious athlete” who wants to improve his or her performance. “The
camp is a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work. We hold players and athletes
to a very high level of expectation,” Clark says. “We don’t just want them to
participate—we want them to play.” 


Tiger Athletics 2014 Youth Summer Camp runs for eight weeks, Tuesday and
Thursday mornings from June 10 to August 7.
Participants can either do the full
eight weeks for $320 or choose any four weeks for $190.

To register, visit