January 2016 Plymouth Magazine

In the January issue follow three WHS grads as they take their rugby skills across the pond, find out how the Wiitalas twins contribute the Wayzata girls' hockey team and get local tips and ideas to try this New Year.

We’ve seen Peg Brantman’s work among the finalists at Picture Plymouth before—it’s clear she has a natural eye. But overall excellence in the annual Picture Plymouth photo contest is a prize, even for an accomplished artist such as Brantman.


January is citrus month, and what better place to enjoy it than in the coldest state in the continental United States? It might seem like an oxymoron, but Plymouth is fully prepared to serve up the freshest seasonal fruits with a plethora of menu items featuring your favorites: lemon and lime.


As part of the 20th sleepout event for Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners, November played host to many events, including one on Give to the Max Day.


The much-anticipated ribbon cutting marking the opening of the new Rock Elm Tavern on Hwy. 55 and County Road 24 was met with warm smiles as the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce welcomed the latest business member to Plymouth.


This winter, make the resolution to find ways to move your body and get your heart pumping, even on the coldest days. With busy schedules, it can be easy to put off taking time for yourself to exercise, especially on a brisk, chilly day.


Twin sisters Ally and Ashley Wiitala have done their part to make Wayzata High School girls’ hockey coach Becky Wacker’s job easier this season.


When it comes to injuries, there are few more common than tendonitis. This time of year, after a summer of outdoor activities, joint pain can be hard to avoid. While rest can heal minor problems, people with more severe issues might need another solution.


You probably don’t come across too many rugby players in your daily routine. It isn’t exactly the most popular sport in America. It is, however, a sport with a tight-knit community of players, and one that three former Wayzata High School students use to travel the world.


Winter is here, and with it, all of our harsh-weather food cravings, likely laced with more fat than fiber, more sweet than salad, more of everything that says “comfort” and little that says “creative.” While many of us take pride in inspired meal preparation for ourselves and our families, someh


We’ve all dreamt of it—the effortless workout, the machine that does it all, the painless calorie burn as we sleep. And as long as we’re dreaming, how about launching the New Year with a plan to get in shape?


When John Eliason started First Financial, he had no clients in a crowded industry. However, he recognized the tremendous opportunity in a competitive market. Now First Financial serves clients nationwide and has garnered a number of awards resulting from his unique business methods.


Dry, irritated skin is common during the winter—drier air is an obvious culprit, but seasonal skincare is also different. Luckily, Dr. Phil Ecker of Minnesota Dermatology has some tips to keep your skin healthy.


Not all learning takes place in the classroom. Home is the perfect place to begin a child’s education, whether the young pupils are attending school already or will be in the near future. Education this early, however, can be tricky: How can parents adjust to satisfy the needs of a younger mind?


Do you know where this photo was taken? Congrats to Mallika Kommera, who knew right away November’s image was shot at Elm Creek Playfields.


The folks at CPR Cell Phone Repair have developed a solution for fast and convenient cell phone repair—and are literally taking it to the streets.


Former French bodybuilder Sebastian Lagree developed a fitness machine with five principles in mind: cardio, flexibility, balance, core and strength.