July 2015 Plymouth Magazine

In the July issue take a peek at local music arranger Adi Yeshaya's star-studded resume, find the best super foods in Plymouth and get inspired for a backyard bbq by award-winning pit master Nate Berg.

Though Sarah Kendall Gow has lived in Plymouth for just more than a year, it didn’t take her long to appreciate all the community has to offer, such as French Regional Park, where she snapped this photo.


It’s a seed, it’s a berry, it’s—superfood! By now, you’ve heard this hot nutrition buzzword—but it’s not just a marketing ploy.


Nearly 400 community members, parents, teachers and staff gathered for the Seven Dreams Education Foundation’s second-ever Bird Bash.


Finalists, winners and community members alike reveled in this year’s Best of Plymouth Readers’ Choice Awards, held April 22 at Plymouth Creek Center.


Log rolling, or the favorite sport of the American lumberjack, is quickly becoming a favorite among locals. The unique activity is exactly what it sounds like—rolling (or running on) logs, until someone falls into the water.


Alex Weiss was the most sought-after music arranger in Tel Aviv, Israel, when Adi Yeshaya was a teenager. When it came to creating music, Weiss was the standard everyone looked to, and Yeshaya was no different.


Nate Berg’s career trajectory is not exactly typical for a 25-year-old former hockey player from Armstrong High School.


With more and more people focused on health and wellness, it’s no surprise that pet owners are paying closer attention to their animals’ lifestyles, too.


Many factors have contributed to singer-songwriter Alison Scott’s choice of career. Supportive parents, who both majored in music, is one. “Until I told them to take a night off, they were at every one of my shows,” she says.


When Angela Jaskowiak got in a car accident in high school, she thought her music career was over. Nerve damage in her hands left her unable to keep up with the rigor of playing an instrument.


Seven years ago, deep into his 25-year career as an ER physician, Tom Combs suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage that forced him to give up medicine and trade in his scalpel for a pen.


To realtor Kath Hammerseng, selling houses is about giving back. “I really, really love helping people with that piece [of buying their house].


Gutter cleaning company Grand Gutters calls Plymouth home throughout the year, but last February the company set up camp 1,400 miles east, in Boston. Grand Gutters was there to help steam away the city’s extreme ice dam problem.


Minnesota claims its share of homegrown entertainment stars, from Judy Garland to Bob Dylan and Prince. But one who often goes under the radar is the internationally renowned filmmaker and sole non-British member of the Monty Python comedy troupe, Terry Gilliam.


Downtown Minneapolis is abuzz with the construction of the Vikings stadium.