Kristen Busch writes a winning essay on patriotism

Local student Kristen Busch writes an award winning essay celebrating the roots of our nation.
Kristen Busch

The annual essay contest sponsored by the Daughters of the American Revolution yielded a young and talented winner in current Wayzata High School freshman Kristen Busch.

Her submission, which she wrote as an eighth grader, called “Forgotten Patriots of the American Revolution,” was admittedly very hard to write and pushed her skills as a writer and essayist.

“Research was hard, because the theme was forgotten patriots. Even if you found a wonderful patriot and there was too much information about them, then they were too well known. Of course if there was too little information on them, I couldn't write a complete essay. So the hardest part was finding a patriot who was somewhat obscure and yet not a complete myth,” she says.

The paper centered on James Otis Jr.’s efforts to ignite a spark in the likes of fellow patriots such as John Adams; this spark would eventually become the Revolutionary War.

Although unsure of what she wants to do with her future, she does know she is excited for the journey ahead. “At the moment, my future is a gigantic question mark,” she says. “Loving so many things, it’s hard to narrow down what I want to do. But writing and acting are my passions, and I plan to pursue them hopefully as majors and then jobs.”