This Local Mom's Creative Mosaic Keeps Kids Connected During COVID-19

Ann Grocholski and her kids pose with their sidewalk chalk mural.
Local mom, photographer and Plymouth Magazine Advisory board member Ann Grocholski came up with a creative way to keep her kids entertained during coronavirus quarantine.

By: Ann Grocholski 

Being a mom of three girls who are elementary age through high school during quarantine comes with all sorts of challenges, but amazing opportunities as well. Being a photographer and an artist, I see it as an awesome time for all of us to connect creatively. Each girl has a different talent and interest when it comes to art, but we also try to find ways to bring them all together as well to work on one project.  

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Spring is here and sunny days are now becoming plentiful! I gave the girls painter’s tape and large pieces of chalk. They used the tape to create a mosaic in our driveway and then in our cul de sac. It not only got them outside for a project they got to do together, but it also created something beautiful for all to see!

Ann Grocholski and her children work on a sidewalk chalk mural.

Ann Grocholski and her children work on a sidewalk chalk mural.

The Grocholski family dog poses by the sidewalk chalk mural.