August 2013

In the August 2013 issue of Plymouth Magazine, you'll learn about Plymouth's prep elites, stand-up paddleboarding, adult education opportunities and events around Plymouth.

Homework is something high schoolers and college kids are more than familiar with. In fact, when Kevin Hawkins was that student, he was quite involved in the art of photography.


When Minnesota-based award-winning authors Janet Letnes Martin and Suzann Nelson gave the go-ahead for their book, Growing Up Lutheran (Redbird Productions, September 1997), to be transformed for the stage, no one could have imagined how popular the quirks and idiosyncrasies Minnesotans grow up


For many Plymouth parents, a night out is a rare occurrence. So we set out to identify some of the easier ways moms and dads can step out on the town for interruption-free conversation at a sit-down restaurant.


Kindergarten readiness begins at birth. From the very beginning, parents are the first and most important teachers in a child’s life. Reading to children, talking about colors and exposing children to language help prepare kids for school—and life—success.


Roy Zhao can add semi-finalist for the 2013 U.S. Physics Team to his college applications.


Preparing a home to sell just got easier with advice from Janet Lawrence, owner and operator of Set to Show.  1. Clean and de-clutter: “That’s kind of the biggest thing,” Lawrence says. “If you can’t do anything else, do that ... It sets that tone.


This month we speak with Jesi Mosny, director of marketing for the After Midnight Group (AMG) that opened Cowboy Jack’s in spring 2009.


Derek Wiitala is always looking to make things better—on the field, in the classroom and around the community.


Stand-up paddle boarding is for you: yes, you. Regardless of your age, fitness type or level of comfort in the water, you can enjoy—and succeed at—paddle boarding. As its name suggests, in stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), the participant stands on a board, much like a surfer would.


As more Baby Boomers reach the age of retirement, they’re faced with an omnipresent quandary: What do you actually do with your day after you leave your work life behind? The hours once spent on the job leaves more time than many know what to do with.


Every year Plymouth Magazine features a select few of our accomplished high school students, kids who have excelled at their schoolwork as well as on the playing field. We’ve been wowed by soccer stars, National Honor society members, musical prodigies, basketball champions and more.