January 2012

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Liz Ansley is proof-positive that you don’t have to be a lifelong photographer to have a knack for it.


There’s a reason soup makes an appearance in some of the most famous children’s tales—from Stone Soup to Where the Wild Things Are.


If you’re like many longtime Plymouthites who pass by Medicine Lake in February, it’s likely you’ve asked yourself at least once, “What are those funky-looking ice houses doing out on the lake?” For years, The Art Shanty Projects (ASP) have brightened our winter doldrums with creative juried desi


You’re another year older with another New Year’s resolution to hit the gym. Instead of attending the same class or applying that familiar routine that you deserted last year, why not find exercises that fit you and your schedule—to be more specific, your individualized fitness profile?


“Everything in life can be a learning experience if we choose to see it that way.”


During the offseason as a Green Bay Packers running back, Darrell Thompson would return to his alma mater state of Minnesota and call on troubled youth to make positive impacts in their communities.


Many thoughtful words have been used to describe Bridget Ulrich—genuine, kind, intelligent, passionate, creative—because no single word can sum up all that Ulrich is. Add doses of both perseverance and humility and you have one unstoppable woman.


If your kids are clamoring to get their hands on your chef’s hat, why not let them? With six years of teaching kids cooking classes and the Boy Scout merit badge for cooking at Byerlys, culinary manager Joan Donatelle was eager to share her tips for family-style cooking.


St. Phillip the Deacon Pastor Tim Westermeyer’s Faith & Life lecture series, allowing the community to reflect on how Christian faith is related to ordinary things in life, is back for its second year; here are a couple of the upcoming speakers.


After graduating from Maple Grove High School in 2001, Plymouth native Peter Dering studied civil engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During college, he spent time in California for an internship and fell in love with San Francisco—and so that’s where he moved after college.


As a chiropractor whose focus is fitness, Lori Goodsell sees many common obstacles keep people from being fit. So post-holiday season with those pesky New Year’s resolutions pending, we wondered:


What’s your New Year’s resolution? As cliché as New Year’s resolutions might seem, we choose them because we want to make a change.


Now that the forecast is filled with single-digit temperatures and brutal arctic winter winds, it might be best not to send kids outside to burn off some energy.