May 2012

Family-owned Restaurants | Summer Events for All Ages

The oldest Empty Bowls celebration in Minnesota will enter its 21st year at Wayzata High School with a new feature: Some old friends will be coming back to support the cause.


Grace Eicher started taking photos just last July; this beauty, which caught the eye of our art team, was one of her first.


As sultry spring weather hits, are you looking to ditch the eggs-and-bacon breakfast for something quick, light and easy to eat on the run?


How to create a safe haven for battered women—step 1: Volunteer. Kari Hitchcock has been involved with Home Free in Plymouth for 22 years.


If you’ve heard of the less-lawn movement, then you know why Plymouth author and speaker Evelyn Hadden advocates for having something more interesting than a sea of green grass in her backyard.


For the parents among us, there’s perhaps no more paralyzing a fear than the thought of losing a child, and yet this sort of agony is experienced silently and often in our bustling community. The need to grieve was what inspired Plymouth residents Deb Oppel and Renee Wixon to act.


Constructed in the late 1970s, the Four Seasons Mall near Highway 169 and Rockford Road is one of the older, mostly vacated buildings in Plymouth. While some enjoy the vintage physique, others say it’s time for Four Seasons to get a facelift.


Looking for a refreshing summer beverage? Mike Moe, assistant manager at the Cellars Wine and Spirits, recommends St. Germain Gin and Tonic. Made from fresh-picked elderflowers, Moe says the French liqueur St.


The Northern Heartland Kitchen

By Beth Dooley

University of Minnesota Press




Using plastic clubs, tennis ball-size Velcro orbs and above-ground targets, campers ages 5–8 can learn proper golf technique in an environment perfect for beginners.


Pride in bettering the Plymouth community once again led to a record-breaking number of volunteers in 2011. Last year more than 1,800 of you donated more than 27,000 hours of your personal time for a variety of causes.


Long before organized sports leagues came to the city, local ladies formed a softball league of their own. “We played whenever we could!” says Genevieve Lane, noting the lack of athletic options for women in 1936. “Everyone who wanted to play was welcomed to the team.”


Drive by Parker’s Lake Golf Center on any given summer morning, and you are bound to see Bryan Skavnak working closely with kids and adults who have come to learn the finer points of the game of golf.


Thousands of pet owners and their four-legged friends are expected to take to the streets from the Golden Valley Humane Society to Theo Wirth Park on May 5 for the 38th annual Animal Humane Soci


There was a time when riding bikes was considered a kid’s activity, something to be abandoned on the way to “responsible” adulthood. But in recent years, as Americans have followed the example of Europeans, cycling has become a lifelong, year-round pursuit.


Ah, spring and summer evenings, those wonderful hours when we try to squeeze in every ounce of enjoyment before the weather turns again.


Sisters and brothers, while they might sometimes drive us crazy, are the ones with whom we'll have life's longest relationships. Sharing the same parents creates a bond that runs deep, and in the case of three local restaurateurs, going into business together tightened that bond even further.