Photographer Captures Life’s Spontaneous Moments

Christine Wisch captures life’s spontaneous moments.

Christine Wisch loves interacting with people, capturing emotion and capturing life’s little moments. She has loved photography ever since she was a little girl. In August 2015, at a Big Head Todd and the Monsters concert at the Hilde Performance Center, Wisch, who lives in St. Paul, took a snapshot of the drummer playing underneath a big painted owl. Wisch captured the night’s emotion and energy in the photo.

Wisch says she likes to capture the feel of what’s happening, drawing people into the picture. She does some nature photography, but mainly focuses on people because of the interaction. Rather than capture an unflattering angle, Wisch wants to make people look good in photos. She aims to get people involved, instead of simply taking a picture of them. When she goes to various events and gatherings, Wisch combines her love of people with her love of photography. To see more of her work, visit her website.