Picture Plymouth: Overlooked Beauty

How to capture beauty through different perspectives.
First Place Nature and Wildlife by Riley Loew

Riley Loew shot this photograph, Mushroom in French Park, on one of his routine hikes where he spends hours waiting to capture the perfect shot. “Sometimes I’d be out there working for two to three hours, waiting for the lighting to be just right so I could get that perfect shot,” Loew says.

Loew says he had to lie on the ground, set up his tripod and get covered in mud just to find the right angle. Loew had been working on a photo series focused strictly on mushrooms, and says he appreciates shooting subjects with finer detail that people don’t usually notice. When he photographs mushrooms, he likes to focus on them from underneath. It’s “showing them in a different perspective, almost as if they’re portraits.” This winning photo is a part of a macro series Loew put together over last summer.

To view more photos from Loew, visit rileyloew.com.