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Providence Academy takes education to new digital heights.
Providence Academy

It’s common knowledge that all kids learn differently, and new technology makes catering to those needs far easier. Providence eLearning has developed a new series of educational books for the iPad, and so far, the program is a smashing success.“Providence does a BYOD (bring-your-own-device) program, so kids can bring their electronics to class to help them,” says Cole Mathisen, a contractor who created Providence eLearning from scratch and introduced it to administrators and teachers. “Providence wanted to expand its reach and get into the eLearning market.”

Providence eLearning first spent six months developing a ninth-grade English course that followed a series of classics including Macbeth and Beowulf. The eLearning class doesn’t excuse the freshman from their regular English course, but instead supplements it with extra lectures, videos and quizzes to help kids better understand the material. Mathisen explains that everything changed when Apple released iBooks in early 2012: Full text, along with audio narration, could be combined with the materials that Providence already had developed. The Providence eLearning iBooks were recognized as part of the EdTech Digest “cool tools” for education in 2013.The program has been so successful thus far that Providence eLearning is developing a modern western civilization course for seniors, which will include a full textbook available for iPad, as well as a geometry course to encourage more at-home i-learning.

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