Sailing at Sunrise

Get inspired by one of last year’s Picture Plymouth winners.

Matthew Kauffmann’s award-winning photo was taken early one morning in August after he’d gone out for his regular morning bike ride. “I saw the glassy lake and thought I should scoot home and grab my camera,” he says. “I rode back down with the camera sliding around on its strap and was lucky enough to get the sun at that just right moment.”

The south Minneapolis native has lived in Plymouth the past 11 years with his wife Laura, daughter Audrey, cats Fred and Coco, and “the big dog” Rusty. “I really like the ‘old’ part where we live—the city works department calls our part of Plymouth ‘Tangle Town,’” he says. “A lot of the houses are old cabins, ours included, and the trees have been here for decades.”

An IT guru for the University of Minnesota during the day, Kauffmann says he’s been taking photos off and on since his childhood in the 1970s. “My dad was a semi-professional photographer, among other things, so there were always cameras around,” he recalls.

Matt Kauffmann is a dual winner in last year’s Picture Plymouth photo contest. Be sure to log on to today to enter your own images; the 2014 contest ends August 31.