Soccer Superstar

Wayzata High freshman Addison Clark makes an appearance on the girls’ national team

Few athletes can say they’ve competed on the national stage. Soccer player Addison Clark has had the honor of competing with the top players in the nation on the U.S. Under-15 Girls’ National Soccer Team—and she’s only 14 years old. Addison began her soccer career at age 5 and has been hooked ever since. Her talent and hard work have paid off. After starting high school last fall, Addison was chosen to play on the varsity team—one of only a few freshmen in Wayzata High School history to do so. Addison’s coach recommended her for the U.S. team, which she describes as “one of the best experiences. The training was unbelievable.” When asked if there was anything she didn’t like about soccer, Addison replies, “Not really.” Upon further thought, she adds, “Yeah. Losing. But you have to lose to understand how to get better.” Still young, Addison is humble, hard-working and has a bright future ahead of her—on and off the field.