StretchLab of Plymouth: A Place for Everybody and Every Body

A Flexologist helps a woman with assisted stretching at StretchLab of Plymouth.
Minnesota’s first assisted stretching studio offers individualized care for whatever your body needs.

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StretchLab of Plymouth is the first assisted stretching studio in Minnesota, so you would be forgiven if you had not heard of the practice before. But after one visit to the studio at Highway 55 and I-494, you will be singing its praises.

Through an individualized, targeted stretching routine, StretchLab’s certified Flexologists will help you work your body to achieve your goals—whatever they may be. Assisted stretching can increase your flexibility and mobility, help with injury prevention and recovery, relieve general stiffness and soreness and more.

Assisted stretching is different than a massage, yoga or other types of flexibility training you may be familiar with. Sessions at StretchLab begin with a conversation with your knowledgeable, rigorously trained Flexologist. You discuss where you are sore, where your muscles are tight, what your stretching goals are and more. During either a 25 or 50-minute session, your Flexologist will run you through a series of stretches attuned to your exact needs. 

“Assisted stretching brings a different level than what you can do on your own,” owner Karla Van Drehle says. “Our Flexologists are highly trained in the most effective, safe, proper stretching techniques.”

StretchLab of Plymouth opened in March and already sports a couple hundred members, but they are not done growing in Minnesota. A studio in Minneapolis is set to open this summer, with another in Maple Grove slated to open within the next year.

The clientele at StretchLab come from every walk of life—golfers looking to improve their swing, student athletes, runners, even children living with disabilities.

“It’s for all people,” Van Drehle says. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a couch potato, if you’re a corporate person, if you work out a ton. It’s for everybody and every body.”

Stop in for an introductory session today to begin your journey to a healthier body and a better life.

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