Summer Event Decorating Ideas

Decorations set a more festive tone and add to the joy of the party.
Looking for a summer themed party idea with kids? A carnival can be a fun choice.

“As with anything you can spend as much or as little as you like,” says Dianne Haag, co-owner of DK Events. The Minnetonka-based company specializes in event planning. Chances are some household items could be used without buying new or adding unnecessary expense. Expert tips add just the right finishing touch.

If this all this sounds like too much, DK Events is available to help. Experienced event planners address all of the details so the host can focus on the guests. “We like to make it stress-free and hassle-free for our client. We try to make the vision happen and communicate every step of the way. You’re not running around, we’re running around for you.” Haag says. “A lot of things can happen, and we can come up with a contingency if it is going to rain that day.”

Do-It-Yourself Party Decorating Ideas

  • Start with disposable table clothes, plates, napkins and silverware from a big box or party store.
  • Fill a kiddy pool with ice and put refrigerated items in it.
  • Place lanterns or lights in the trees and bushes. Candles could work at adult-only functions.
  • For another insect deterrent, burn fresh sage on the grill.
  • Have a chalk board with the menu listed.
  • Provide an activity: croquet, badminton or swimming if a pool is available.
  • Provide a basket filled with bug sprays and sun tan lotions so guests can help themselves.
  • Use a coffee filter as a hot dog bun holder on the food line.
  • Set up a well-supervised fire pit for s’mores.