Last Glance

Nate Loftsgard’s Award-winning Photo Stretch

A sleeping fox atop a snowy woodpile would be picturesque enough—but after Plymouth resident Nate Loftsgard snapped more than 50 pictures of the scene in his backyard, this particular fox stood, did a few stretches and took the photo to the next level. “I was in the right place at the right time,” Loftsgard says. “It was one of those rare things you don’t see very often, but it was fun to have it right there in our backyard.” Read more about Nate Loftsgard’s Award-winning Photo Stretch

Jess Donatelle’s Award-winning Image

While Jess Donatelle and her husband, Jake, moved to Plymouth just two years ago, the Norwex consultant already recognizes Plymouth’s unspoken beauty—it’s safe, clean and has lots of green space and trails, she says.

“We love walking the trails,” Donatelle says, “a little oasis in the middle of the city—and all within walking distance from our apartment.” A perfect place, the couple thought, to expand their household to include their rescue pup, Bailey Rose (a Corgi-Chihuahua-Poodle mix) whom they adopted shortly after moving to town. Read more about Jess Donatelle’s Award-winning Image

Last Glance: Training Partners

Little Emmett and his dad, Steve, are no strangers to the grueling work of bike riding. Although Steve is more into the triathlon scene, and Emmett into the loop-around-the-park-in-front-of-their-house scene, both appreciate a good bike ride.

Heidi Eitreim, who caught the photo of her youngest son and her husband with her Sony A77, says, “[My husband and I] just started triathlon training. We take turns every morning, and one of us stays with the kids. [This day], he was coming back and the boys were out waiting for him so they could take a lap around the park.” Read more about Last Glance: Training Partners

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