Night Time Ice Time

A girl ice skating on the Parkers Lake ice rink

This photo, taken by Plymouth resident Troy Brantner, took second place in the “People and Families”

Says Brantner, “The photo is of my daughter Kristen practicing her spins at the Parkers Lake ice rink. This particular day was sunny but cold and she wanted to do some more practice. We headed that way late in the afternoon. I chose this photo because I liked that the sky was light enough to show tree silhouettes giving [it] more depth.”

A Plymouth Family's Journey with Prematurity

Three-year-old Lana toddles around the living room in the Grinberg family’s Plymouth home. What’s immediately remarkable about Lana is that she’s bilingual, with her dad speaking to her only in Russian. But hearing Lana’s story from her parents, Gaby Israel Grinberg and Mike Grinberg, it’s clear that Lana is remarkable in many ways, as are her parents.

Lana, Gaby and Mike, the Grinberg family


Artelle Designs crafts one-of-kind jewelry filled with meaning

Artelle Designs crafts one-of-kind jewelry filled with meaning

“Every piece of jewelry tells a story,” says master goldsmith Stuart Adelman. And at Artelle Designs, owned by Stuart and his wife Ellie Adelman, it’s especially true. Stuart has been designing and creating custom jewelry for over 40 years. Jewelry has an emotional pull, says Adelman. We’re all heard stories about family members who stopped speaking to each other because they both wanted to inherit grandma’s wedding band or grandpa’s watch--and only one of them got it.

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