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Providence eLearning

It’s common knowledge that all kids learn differently, and new technology makes catering to those needs far easier. Providence eLearning has developed a new series of educational books for the iPad, and so far, the program is a smashing success.“Providence does a BYOD (bring-your-own-device) program, so kids can bring their electronics to class to help them,” says Cole Mathisen, a contractor who created Providence eLearning from scratch and introduced it to administrators and teachers. Read more about Providence eLearning

Plymouth’s Fun2Raise Supports Local Schools

When a school or sports program needs funding, students and their parents are often recruited to traipse through neighborhoods selling a product door-to-door, a burden to both time-strapped families and solicitation-weary neighbors. So in 2011, Jodi Rankin, parent of two children ages 14 and 12, founded Plymouth-based company Fun2Raise to help. “We want to give money to schools and sports without having parents and kids sell,” she says. “We’re a supplemental funding program.”   Read more about Plymouth’s Fun2Raise Supports Local Schools

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