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Find the Right Preschool

Mike Minor at Step by Step Montessori says summer is the perfect time to
transition into a school environment. Most programs offer special summer
calendars, and the earlier the start, the more comfortable your child will be,
he says. Minor shares a few tips:

Providence eLearning

It’s common knowledge that all kids learn differently, and new technology makes catering to those needs far easier. Providence eLearning has developed a new series of educational books for the iPad, and so far, the program is a smashing success.“Providence does a BYOD (bring-your-own-device) program, so kids can bring their electronics to class to help them,” says Cole Mathisen, a contractor who created Providence eLearning from scratch and introduced it to administrators and teachers.

Profiling Plymouth’s Top Teachers

“Kindergarten is so full of firsts—the first time for hot lunch, the first time they get to read a book on their own, the first time they tie their shoes. I see them come in as little preschoolers, but they leave as first-graders. And I get to experience that over and over again.” —Sara Quinn, kindergarten teacher, Providence Academy

Plymouth’s Fun2Raise Supports Local Schools

When a school or sports program needs funding, students and their parents are often recruited to traipse through neighborhoods selling a product door-to-door, a burden to both time-strapped families and solicitation-weary neighbors. So in 2011, Jodi Rankin, parent of two children ages 14 and 12, founded Plymouth-based company Fun2Raise to help. “We want to give money to schools and sports without having parents and kids sell,” she says. “We’re a supplemental funding program.”  

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