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Big Exposure: Wayne Davis Photography in Plymouth

Wayne Davis broke both of his wrists in a grisly snowmobiling accident in 1980. What happened next changed his life.

At the time of his accident, Davis was a professional snowmobile, go-kart and motorcycle racer. He had major sponsors and was at the top of his racing career when his left hand slipped off the handlebars during a race in Ontario. His right hand jerked the handlebars into the track’s exterior wall (made of sawed-off telephone poles and plywood), knocking him unconscious and snapping both wrists.

Roger Schmidt Donates Land in Plymouth

No, it’s not just another obscure Jurassic Park mosquito-in-amber reference. The Schmidt family has lived on their Plymouth farmland since current resident Roger Schmidt’s great-grandfather Frederick Henry Benjamin Schmidt bought it for his son, Otto in 1883. Roger Schmidt was born on the property and has lived there all of his 86 years. He bought 5 acres from his father Gordon (who was also born on the farm), who’d previously inherited a portion of the 180-acre space from Otto.

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