Tunnel Tumblin’

A perfectly framed moment of fun.

It was just another day at the park for David Dobrin with his 3-year-old daughter Marlo happily climbing around the playground and Dobrin ready with his camera.

“She gets giggly when I take pictures of her,” he says. “If I hear her laughing I know she’s in a good mood.” Dobrin says that Marlo was entertaining herself by climbing back and forth through the yellow plastic tunnels. Suddenly, Dobrin noticed that she was perfectly framed at the mouth of the tunnel.
“It was definitely everything coming together perfectly,” he says. As a graphic designer, Dobrin has a special eye for symmetry and placement, so he couldn’t let this opportunity slip by. He grabbed his camera, lined up the shot and took the photo, confident that it would turn out how he envisioned.

“It’s a lot of intuition,” he says. “I have an instant response when I see something where I have to make it perfect.” It was important to Dobrin that, despite thinking that his daughter is the cutest of them all, the photo could speak for itself. “It was a good picture of her, but I also liked the symmetry,” he says.